Project №3

Description: 13 yards and shares of yards included in the zoning plan, undeveloped sites, which are included in the zoned property intended for Park, Recreation and Culture, according to the plan of Park, Recreation and Culture, Plovdiv city, with total area of 85 009 m2.

Designation: Project Development of Residential Complex for sale.

Properties are located in the east part of Plovdiv city. There are newly developed sites in the vicinity - Alati Building Hypermarket, Volkswagen Car Centre, Technomarket Europe. In the vicinity the gated community Maritsa Gardens is being developed on a total area of 40 dca. Properties are within residential zone intended for low-rise building, density and intensity with the maximum permissible values: height – up to 10 m, cornice level; building density - up to 60%, Intensity factor – 1,2, areas of greenery – at least 40%.