Property Management

Aktiv Services Ltd. carries out the management of the Company's real estates. Their duties include service, maintenance and management of the relevant real estates as well as organizing building works and improvements therein. The management company undertake: to find tenants or buyers for the properties, to carry out negotiations and to prepare the properties for handover in the agreed condition; to keep in touch with the tenants, including to collect the rents on behalf of the Company, as well as to watch for the correct performance of any other obligations under the rent contracts; to watch for the condition of the real properties and to inform immediately the Company about any damagea and encroachments thereon, as well as to carry out any repairs, except those, which the tenants are required to carry out on their account; to pay on the behalf of the Company any taxes, fees and consumables; to propose optimum insurance products for the real estates.

Aktiv Services Ltd. is a management company specially registered by Aktiv Properties REIT, with the following scope of business: Management and maintenance of properties acquired by real estate investment trusts, carrying out building works and improvements therein, keeping any books and other accounting and correspondence, carrying out all the required activities as a management company pursuant to art. 18, pg. 2 of the Law on Real Estate Investment Trusts, as well as any other business, which is not forbidden by law. With Decision №1129 of 28.08.2008 of the Financial Supervision Commission, Aktiv Services Ltd. is registered as a management company pursuant to art. 18, pg. 2 of the Law on Real Estate Investment Trusts.