Depository Bank

The contract with Texim Bank (Bulgaria) AD envisages that the bank will perform the following services: custody of assets in the form of cash and securities of the Company, which it can hold according to the Law and its Articles of Association, to make payments in the name and on the account of the Company, perform activities with respect to the securities such as provision of information, reporting, payment of interest, principals and others, opening of subscription account in the case of increase of capital of the Company.

The contract with the Depository Bank covers all necessary obligations required by the LSPV, the Public Offering of Securities Law, and the associated ordinances.The obligations also cover the keeping and reporting separately of the assets of the company from Bank’s assets as well as from the rest of the assets accepted for custody, to make all payments in compliance with the Articles of Association and the prospectus of the Company and secures that the Company’s revenues will be used as provided by these rules and the law.The Depository Bank will also monitor the compliance with the Articles of Association of the limitation of Company’s expenses and in the performance of its obligations will act in the best interest of the Company.