Project №2

Description: 19 real estate properties following a merger, within the territory of the village of Krumovo, in the vicinity of Plovdiv airport, with a total area of ​​118 519 sq.m.

Designation: Development of a logistics center and / or resale.

Characteristics: As of 31.12.2012, the Company has made the change of use, has drawn up Detailed Site Development Plan for 92.50% of the properties owned in the area of Plovdiv airport. Currently reallocated areas, allocated for "Warehouses for industrial products" to the amount of 104,121 square meters. In compliance with the approved DSDP-ZDP, all properties fall within the borders of the "Mainly production zone" (PP) with possible realization of storage facilities for industrial goods and offices - free construction, under the following restrictive parameters: density (density) - max. 80%, intensity of development (Intensity factort) - max. 2.5; landscaped area (Aland.) - min 20% height (H) - max. 12 m for all properties, except for ZP 011254, where the permissible height is max. 7 meters.