Important dates connected with the raise of capital


In connection with the decision of the Board of Directors of Aktiv Properties REIT, dated 07.11.2006 for increase in the capital of the company, and of the respective publications in the State Gazette, issue 100/12.12.2006, and in Pari newspaper, issue 251/29.12.2006, we inform you the following:
- Number of shares before the capital increase: 5,200,000
- Number of shares, offered for subscription: 15,600,000
- Number of the rights issued: 5,200,000
- Ratio between rights issued and new shares (right/shares): 1/ 3
- Every person might subscribe to at least 1 new share and at most to the number of shares equal to the respective number of the rights acquired and/or held, multiplied by 3
- The capital shall be increased only if 5,200,000 shares at least have been subscribed to and paid
- BSE code of the rights issued: R4AKTIV
- Nominal value: BGN 1.00
- Issuing value: BGN 1.50
- Initial date for trading in rights on the Exchange: 02.02.2007
- Final date for trading in rights on the Exchange: 15.02.2007
- Initial date for transferring the rights: 02.02.2007
- Final date for transferring the rights: 19.02.2007
- Date of the Auction as of Art. 112b (7) of the POSA: 26.02.2007
- Initial date for subscription to shares: 02.02.2007
- Final date for subscription to shares: 20.03.2007
- Exchange member authorised to administer the capital increase: First Financial Brokerage House
- Bank, with which the accumulation account to be opened: CB Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria)
- The right to participate in the capital increase will be entitled to all shareholders, who acquired shares of the company within 7 days upon the promulgation of the announcement in the State Gazette at the latest, i. e. as of record date 19.12.2006 /Tuesday/.
- The final date for transacting shares of this company on the BSE-Sofia, as a result of which the holder will be entitled to participate in the capital increase, is 15.12.2006 /Friday/, i.e. ex date 18.12.2006.