Construction right granted on 26.06.2009


On 26.06.2009 Aktiv Properties REIT granted to EVN Bulgaria Elektrorazpredelenie AD construction right for the building of a concrete package transformer station according to Drawing and Permit for survey and design № 140/16.05.2009, issued by the Senior Architect of Trakia District of the Municipality of Plovdiv, type CPTS, with built area of 16,90 m2 and easement zone according to Regulation № 16/09.06.2004 on easements related to energy objects, Annex № 1, item 5, including the free right to lay 20 kV and1 kV LV /low voltage/ cables in the property owned by the Company - Grantor, representing Zoned property V – for business use (zoned property – five – for business use) in district 8 (eight) according to the Detailed Layout Plan of the Southeast industrial zone of Plovdiv city, the whole developed and undeveloped site with total area of 1 313 m2 
The construction right granted to EVN Bulgaria Elektrorazpredelenie AD aims to ensure adequate power supply for the building of Aktiv Properties REIT, built in the above property.