Investment intermediary UG Market AD becomes a market maker to Aktiv Properties REIT


At its meeting held on 29.01.2007 the Board of Directors of the BSE-Sofia has taken decision to register the investment intermediary UG Market AD as a market maker of the issue of Aktiv Properties REIT as from 01.02.2007.
- BSE code of the issue: AKTIV
- The issue is listed on the Unofficial Market of Securities, Segment “A”.
- Maximal deviation between the bid and ask price (the spread): Up to 5%
- Trading lot: 1 share
- Term of the contract between the issuer and the market maker: 1 year
- Minimal traded volume per day: 1,000 shares
- Minimal turnover per trading session: BGN 1,500
- Minimal volume of shares per quotation: 1,000 shares