Decision of Aktiv Properties REIT's GMS for distriburion of divident for year 2008


On June 22, 2009 was held the regular General Meeting of the Shareholders of Aktiv Properties REIT, where 11 shareholders holding 3 779 011 shares, were represented by proxy according to 10 submitted Authorizations in this regard.
The net result of the company, transformed according to the Real Estate Investment Trusts Act, amounts to 120 587,28 BGN. The General Meeting of the shareholders made a decision according to art. 10, pg. 1 of the Real Estates Investment Trusts Act to distribute as dividends 98,16 % of the profit for the fiscal 2008, transformed according to the Real Estate Investment Trusts Act or total of 118 368,59 BGN for 19 728 099 shares or 0,006 BGN gross dividend per share. The net dividend to be distributed to physical persons is 0,0057 BGN per share.
The persons entered in the Register of the Central Depository as shareholders on the 14th day after the date of the General Meeting i.e. on July 6, 2009, are entitled to dividends.
According to art. 115b, pg. 6 of the Securities Sale and Purchase Act, dividends shall be paid with the assistance of Central Depository AD according to the provisions of Regulation № 8/2003 of the Financial Supervision Commission and Annex 27 to the Regulations of the Central Depository.
Aktiv Properties REIT will